“Surgery is not only a healing art, but also creation which are unique every time.“

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      Vytautas Cepulis


      Published more than 50 scientific and popular articles in Lithuanian and foreign medical publications.

      1991 – obtained the highest category of vocational qualification of the oncologist surgeon.
      Since 1970 – a member of the Association of Surgeons.
      Since 1972 – a member of the Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.
      Since 1977 – a member of the Association of Oncologists of Lithuania.
      Since 1986 – a member of the Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of Lithuania.
      Since 1993 – a member of the Collegium of the Lithuanian Bioethics Committee.
      In 2008, was awarded the title of the Honoured Medical Doctor of Lithuania.


      Oral and maxillofacial surgery doctor; surgery doctor. Specialisation: Head and neck oncology surgery


      Graduated from Kaunas Institute of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, and acquired the qualification of a medical doctor.


      Completed the Surgery Internship Training.

      1969 - 1972

      Surgery doctor of Šakiai Central Regional Hospital.

      1972 - 1977

      Oral and maxillofacial surgery doctor in Vilnius University Red Cross Hospital.

      Since 1977

      Currently – head-and-neck oncologist surgeon in the Institute of Oncology of Vilnius University.


      Underwent professional training in Leningrad Institute for Medical Doctors Improvement in the field of plastic surgery.

      1978, 1982

      Underwent professional training in the Russian Centre of Oncology (Moscow) in the field of head-and-neck oncology and surgery.

      1990 - 2008

      Underwent in-service training in Belgium, Switzerland, the USA, the Netherlands, and Sweden as well as took in-service training courses for medical doctors of Vilnius University.