"Ex parvis saepe magnarum rerum momenta pendent"

Events of great consequence often spring from trifling circumstances


Laser dermatology

Hair removal with Alexandrite laser GentleLase Pro
Laser removal of warts
Laser moles removal
Laser removal of pigment spots
Fractional skin renewal with Fraxel Dual laser
Hair removal GentleMax Pro laser
Treatment of vascular lesions
Laser scar removal
Fractional skin resurfacing with CO2RE laser
Acne light treatment
Removal of stretch marks by laser treatment
Soprano ICE. Laser hair removal
Nail fungus treatment

Aesthetic dermatology

Complete facial and body rejuvenation using Etwo technology
Non-surgical skin lifting Thermage CPT
Acne scar treatment program
Lip enhancing
Hyaluronic acid injections
Treatment of essential hyperhidrosis
Skin revitalization by platelet rich plasma
Botulinum toxin injections
Radiesse injections
Labia correction using hyaluronic acid injections
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VelaShape III. Volume reduction and cellulite treatment
Intraceuticals – oxygen treatment
Treatment of post acne with peels
Anti-aging LED light
Cosmetic procedures
Lymphatic drainage massage. Lympha Press Optimal 1201

Surgical dermatology